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if u mean who are 2 professional figure skaters, then one is Michelle kwan and the other is Kristi Yamaguchi

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Q: What are two professional figure skaters?
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What is the average salary of a professional figure skater?

There is no real average for professional figure skaters, since there are different types of figure skaters in general. Some professional skaters may earn $18,000-$30,000 annually. Other types may earn up to $40,000-$55,000 for fall and winter work exclusively.

What do professional figure skaters do?

Most of them figure skate professionally. (gr8sk8rgold) Professional figure skaters compete in various competitions whether nationally or internationally. They can perform in ice shows earning thousands per show or twenty grand or so a year depending on how good a skater that person is. Professional figure skaters can also host seminars to add to their income. Professional figure skaters are often in demand for entertainment and others compete to keep their skills at the highest levels, earn money, and earn medals and trophies.

Who are some figure skaters?

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Where do figure skaters train?

Figure Skaters train at an ice rink to practise their technique based on which level they are on.

Can figure skaters wear Makeup?

Yes Figure Skaters Can Wear Make-up :-)---it's practically required!

What has the author Dorothy Hamill written?

Dorothy Hamill has written: 'Dorothy Hamill on and off the ice' -- subject(s): Biography, Figure skaters, Ice skaters, Juvenile literature, Women figure skaters, Skaters

What are some sentences using the word ' animosoty'?

There was a lot of animosity between the two figure skaters.

Who is the patron saint of figure skaters?

Lydwina of Schiedam is the patron saint of ice skaters.

What do male figure skaters wear?


What do figure skaters use?

What in the world do you mean?

How much pro skaters wear helmets?

Pro hockey and speed skaters wear helmets but pro figure skaters don't.

What has the author Steve Milton written?

Steve Milton has written: 'Skate Talk' 'Super skaters' -- subject(s): Biography, Juvenile literature, Skating, Skaters, Figure skating, Figure skaters

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