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round off layout backhandspring buck tuck full. and double back handspring back tuck full. hope this helps.

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Q: What are two good level 8 power tumbling skills?
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What skills are needed to participate in cheerleading?

flexibility, strong, responsible, energy, tumbling, good at picking up choreography. plus more.

Which should I do tumbling or recreational gymnastics and in recreational gymnastics does the floor routine involve tumbling and if so should I take tumbling first?

yes the floor excersise involves lots of tumbling. If you have never done gymnastics before I would recommend doing a recreational gymmnastics class and taking tumbling in addition to that if you can. But if you can't, rec gymnastics would be the best choice because you will learn new skills on all the events. Plus, you will get lots of tumbling practice in the class, too. Good luck!

What is a good tumbling pass that does not involve any backwards tumbling like backhandsprings?

Punch fronts and Arabians are what most do into a round off, so you could do one of those without the backward tumbling after. All star cheerleaders on level 3 do punch fronts to a forward roll all the time.

What is a good name for a tumbling competion?

A tumbling meet Orr you could just say a meet

You want to make a spring floor tumbling strip what do you need?

You need at least a 3 pack and good muscles. There isusually lots of dance (for girls not Olympic level like level 4 to 10) and at least 3 tumbling passes. Also other stuff that is not dance and tumbling like pretty easy stuff. Also you have 4 events (for girls) that are beam, bars, vault, and floor. All of them are hard. Gymnastics is such a hard sport but very fun too. So if you give it a try you could get good.

What shoes are good gymnastics shoes for tumbling?

Ballette flats

Is a recreation center a good place for tumbling classes?

To me, a recreation center is a horrible place for tumbling classes unless the teacher has the experience and the equiment. The place I would definitely go to for tumbling is a local gymnastics place near you that has good teachers with experience, and the equipment you need to tumble, etc.

Where is a good place to get tumbling lessons?

gymnastics gold wilson YMCA

How do you do cheerleading gymnastics?

First, You'll want to sign up for tumbling classes at a local cheer, tumbling, or gymnastics gym. These usually have different class levels that increase in difficulty. Clearly, You'll want to start off at beginner, So you don't harm yourself. They will teach you how to do different cheerleading gymnastic skills. Good luck! -H

What do you need to be a professional soccer player?

you need skills good shoes and power

Is tumbling good exercise?

cheerleading is always more dangerous than tumbling ! you can hurt yourself in tumbling but many girls can die in cheerleading itself because of stunts and other activity. (cheerleaders can get dropped from up to 20feet in he air !) *college* but high and middle school is dangerous as well ! (more than tumbling)

What do you do if you make all American at nca?

As a nca all American cheer leader myself i can tell you that you really have to be a hard worker. you need great facial expressions and good tumbling skills, great jumps and have a high spirtgood luck