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They're called periods. Four periods make up a game of water polo.

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Q: What are time periods in water polo called?
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Which sport would you use a chucker?

A polo match is split into time periods called chukkers.

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Who is the all-time Olympic water polo champion?

The national water polo team with the most gold medals at the Olympics to date is Hungary with 8.

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Hungary is generally the best country for Water Polo. Water Polo there is like the NBA in the States. In the US, California is the hot spot for H2O Polo (also Oregon, Hawaii and Florida). As far as US players go, the "rock star" of water polo is Stanford Alum and three time Olympian Tony Azevedo.

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How many members are there in a water polo team?

There are up to 13 players is a water polo team, with 7 (6 outfield and 1 goal keeper) allowed in the water at any one time

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