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Ground out, fly out, and of course strike out.

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Q: What are three types of outs in softball?
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How many outs in each inning in softball?

three outs per inning

Do three outs equal lining in baseball or softball?

Actually, three outs equals a half inning in both baseball or softball. Since each team bats in an inning, three outs for the visiting team, then three outs for the home team is considered one inning.

When do teams switch place in softball?

After the batting team gets three outs

How many outs are there in one game of softball?

The are six outs in an inning of softball. (trick question -- there are three outs per team and both teams play in one inning). Six, just like in baseball.

What are the three types of hits are there in softball?

Grounder, line drive, and pop up

Information on softball?

ok well the basics are: there are typically 6 innings in a softball game. there are 6 outs per inning. You need three outs to end a half inning. Each team bats, and fields in an inning. There are 10 positions. ..

Is there different versions of softball?

yes there is different types of softball. There is fast-pitch and there is slow-pitch softball.

How many strikes is in an out in softball?

Three strikes counts as an out in softball

How many softball battersmust be out before the team is all out?

Three batters must be out before their batting part of the inning is over. They get three more outs in the next inning. by monica

How many outs must the defense get in order to switch to offense in softball?

3 outs

How many outs does a team get per inning in softball?


Number of outs in an inning?

There are three outs per inning per offensive at bad. So there are a total of6 out made to end a complete inning. There are 7 innings in a regulation length softball game.

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