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helmet, pants, and shoulder pads

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Q: What are three pieces of equipment used in hockey?
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Where can one find out about ice hockey equipment?

One can find out about ice hockey equipment on the website Wikipedia. There is also a great article on ice hockey and the equipment that is used on the official Olympics website.

What equipment is used to play field hockey?

Hockey ball, Hockey stick, shin pads and clothing

Where can I get good used hockey equipment?

Here a some links for some great sports hockey euipment

What exactly is an hockey bag?

A hockey bag is a large canvas type bag that is used to carry hockey equipment. Usually in these bags you may find pads, masks, pucks, sticks, mouth guards, and other equipment.

What equipment is used when spear fishing?

There are a few pieces of equipment that are used when spear fishing. You need a spear for the fishing for example.

Does Field Hockey play with a stick?

Yes, all forms of hockey use a stick.A hockey stick is a piece of equipment used in field hockey, ice hockey or roller hockey to move the ball or puck.

What school equipment starts with z?

· zamboni - used at colleges and universities that have a hockey team

What are three facts about hockey?

They Had To Use balls for the puck and used a tree stick for the hockey stick

What is toning equipment and why is it used?

Exercise machines, medicine balls, and hand weights are just a few of the many different pieces of toning equipment. Toning equipment is used to build muscle.

What equipment was used in swimming?

Many pieces of equipment can be used. Fins are common. People may also use kick boards and pull buoys.

What was used to hit the puck in hockey before hockey sticks were made?

A odd as it may sound, people used to use just long pieces of wood, like a tree branch. My son says that broomsticks were used as makeshift hockey sticks in the early days.

What pieces of equipment can be used when measuring the mass of a test tube?

Mass is determined by weighing, so the piece of equipment is a scale.

What are the two pieces of equipment used to measure length?

Meter stick and ruler

Which pieces of equipment should be used to separate salt water?

Its a hot plate

What pieces of equipment would be used to study the flow of electricity?

light meter

What kind of equipment is used for sandblasting?

There are basically three pieces of equipment needed for sand blasting: the abrasive, a compressor and a nozzle. However, you will need to wear protective gear while sandblasting and there are many sources of equipment for protective gear. The type of blasting equipment and abrasive you use will depend on the project you choose.

What products do HockeyGiant sell?

Some of the items sold on HockeyGiant consists of equipment used in the game of hockey. Some of those items are hockey pucks, hockey sticks, skates, gloves, hockey helments, protective wear, and jerseys and apparel.

What equipment pieces are used to play volleyball?

a net, a volleyball, optional knee pads

What is the former name of CCM Hockey?

The original CCM company produced hockey equipment and bicycles, and went bankrupt in 1983. The hockey division was sold to a Montreal businessman, and the CCM name continued to be used for hockey equipment. The company incorporated in 1991 and took the name SLM International Inc., and in 1999, they were renamed The Hockey Company. In 2004, they were bought by Reebok, who continued to use the CCM brand.

What Sports equipment starts with i?

Ice skates are sports equipment. They are used in hockey, figure skating and speed skating.

What kind of Equipment used to play ice hockey?

You have to use a cup, long johns, a bra, and baking gloves

What piece of lab equipment should be used as a stage to support a beaker suspended in air?

It requires two pieces of equipment: a ring stand and a ring.

How many periods are there in hockey?

There are three periods of 20 minutes in professional hockey. Additional periods are used if the referee declares overtime.

Where can a person buy used equipment for hockey?

Online auctions are very good terms for searching for any used merchandise of any sort. You might find Franks hockey house to be a very helpful solution in your search.

What is a three letter word for checkers pieces?

"Man" is a three-letter word that may be used to refer to the pieces in the board game called checkers.

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