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Q: What are those weight lifting sticks called?
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What are those sticks called where you lite them on fire on they smell?

Incense or joss sticks. Please see the related link below

What do Chinese people wear during sports?

It matters on what they are doing. Like if they were doing weight lifting, they would wear those... weight lifting suits. If they were doing Short Track Speedskating, they would be wearing theskin suitand Kevlar.

What are those things that you measure weight with called?


Can I use the metabolic diet to increase my metabolic rate?

While the metabolic diet can help with weight loss, it has not been proven to increase your metabolism. The only thing that has been proven to increase metabolism is exercise, particularly weight lifting. Start lifting those weights and you'll be burning calories like a nuclear reactor.

What are some recommended workout plans for weight loss?

One of the best weight loss plans for a beginner is one that involves a lot of biking and jogging. Weight lifting in small doses can also help, and you should visit a local gym to do those activities.

why is my back sore after lifting?

This can be a good sign if you are feeling some soreness after weight lifting. It means you were working out those muscles! If it is beyond soreness and is pain or if you feel tingling or numbness in your body, see a doctor since it may be a sign of something more serious.

What are those brown and whited striped candies called kinda taste like the middle of a butter finger?


Weight lifting routine for gaining weight?

Exactly, weight lifting can be a good reason to develop or improve your weight. Because by doing this you increase the work load or demand of your metabolism. Thus you need to eat nutritious food in order to counter act the behind side effect/good effect to those thin individual. It can also improve your sleep pattern at night. Many benefits can be attained if you do this activity provided you have the waiver or permission from your dietician or physician

What is the difference between the terms power lifting and weight lifting?

Weight training is the science of using weights (or another form of external resistance) in order to train your body to perform a certain task with better ease, efficiency, or technique. This broad category includes simple ankle weights worn while jogging, all the way up to half-ton leg presses. Weight lifting (i.e. bodybuilding) is a subset of weight training. It specifically identifies the discipline of weight training for the purpose of building larger, stronger, or more well-defined muscles. This is in contrast to weight training, which includes those things, plus weight loss, balance, flexibility, and certain athletic skills.

What is those sticks that you use for a broken bone?


Are craftsticks made of balsawood?

They're made from white birch. They're also called "popsicle sticks," and balsa's not strong enough to make those.

What is the answer to why shouldn't you let a doctor put one of those wooden sticks in your mouth?

doctors are just cheking if there is redness in the tonsils or the so called tonsilitis