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Hello any thing that should not be there

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Q: What are they looking for when they drug test athletes in sport?
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Will androgel show up on drug test?

It will show up on the drug tests done on athletes looking for performance enhancing drugs. It will not show up on "drugs of abuse" screens.

In a drug screening test what is the test looking for?

In a drug screening test, the test will be looking for things such as marijuana, cocaine and a myriad of other drugs.

Are there any urine test used to detect HGH in sport Athletes?

There's a blood test, but no urine test.

What is the purpose of an urine test in sports?

Urine test can detect most of the drugs that might be used by the athletes. Therefore, it is a very popular noninvasive method of drug test in sports to detect illegal drug use by the athletes.

What is the most used drug in sport?

steroids are the most use drug but most sports have drug test

What happens if an athlete fails a drug test?

When an athlete fails a drug test they are stripped of their medal or get disqualified from their sport and can not compete

Is methadone detectable in a urine drug test?

Of course. In most drug test they are looking for illegal drugs.

Can a drug test determine if it was a prescribe drug or illegal drug?

There are test which will specify the type of drug one has taken. Some simply say the category of drug taken. If you are looking for a specific drug, a test can definitely be done

Does nor-flex show up in a drug test?

This is not what they are looking for in a drug test. If you are concerned about it, you can bring your bottles to the test and they can write down what you are taking.

Does pseudoephrine show up in a drug test?

If it's one of those they are testing for, then yes. Eg. Shows up when Athletes are drug tested.

Can you detect speed in a blood test?

speed as in da drug? it would only come up if they were looking for it in a drug screen test not a preg test.

Can you tell by looking that a drug test is going to be dilute?


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