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you go up down up down up down (etc.)

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Q: What are the wrist and hand movement phases of dribbling a basketball?
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When dribbling a basketball do you flick your wrist or push the basketball down?

push the ball down because if you flick the ball will go in another direction

What happened to my wrist?

I hurt my wrist falling in basketball and it is very sore. What could it be?

What is Radial wrist deviation?

Radial wrist deviation is a movement in the wrist, bending it in the direction of thumb

What is a wrist?

A wrist is a part of your elbow that allows for movement.

How do you get the best backspin when you shoot a basketball?

Flick your Wrist

What is isometric?

what resistance isometric movement is common painful if strain of the wrist muscle present? what resistance isometric movement is common painful if strain of the wrist muscle present?

What if your wrist hurts in Volleyball what do you do?

Should I put tape on a hurt wrist that I hurt falling down in a basketball game

Why do basketballers wear sleeves?

Basketball players wear sleeves on the arm they shoot with so it stays warm. In addition it is an extension of the wrist sweat bands from the old days, keeping the sweat from running down their arm and onto their shooting hand. Keeping their shooting hand dry is important for feel on the ball when passing, dribbling and shooting.

Did lebron James ever break a bone?

he broke his wrist in an aau basketball game

When shooting a basketball should you keep your wrist cocked back before you release?


What are would look for three features you in a wrist rest?

1. Comfortable 2. Supports your wrist 3. Doesn't impead movement

What are the tarsals of the ankle and wrist?

Tarsals are the sliding bones in the ankle which allow the rotation movement. Carpals do the same but in the wrist.