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There are weight categories in boxing or Divisions , the first is the light weight and the second heavy weight. A boxer enters a tournament according to his weight.

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2011-12-22 08:48:19
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Q: What are the weights in boxing?
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Do you need to do weights if you do boxing?

You don't need to "do" weights, but most boxers do some strength training with weights!

How many olympic boxing weights?


What is the best way to get your arm stronger?

boxing or weights

Who has won the most boxing world titles at different weights?


Will body weights wrist and fot weights improve your kicking or boxing speed if so how do you train so you dont damage your body?

Probably. It depends on the weight and how much you use the weights.

What is bantamweight and what weights does it include?

The boxing weight class between 112 and 118 pounds.

What kind of athletics do they have in Romania?

Light athletics, boxing, wrestling, weights lifting, judo, etc.

If have 180 inch wrist wraps for boxing can you use them for lifting weights?

sure you can use them for lifting.

What was muhammed Ali boxing weights?

A low of 188 to a high of 236

Who won the most title in boxing?

pacquiao won titles at 7 weights, but probably 10 different belts.

What brand are boxing gloves?

There are numerous brands of boxing gloves on the market. Also pro's use different weights and types of gloves in their fights, this is one of the things negotiated during the contract talks.

Will body weights fot and wrist weights enhance your body speed will body weights help you kick faster for Tae Kwon Do or hit faster for boxing if so how do you train with them correctly?

Most likely, yes. Wear them for everyday activities, but also practice your kicking and punching with them on often.

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