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Q: What are the vital measurements of sachins wife?
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Who is sachin's mother?

sachins mother name is rajani tendulkar she is second wife of ramesh tendulkar ajit nitin savitha and sachin are the children ramesh tendulkar was married rajanis sister i.e sachins badi maa

What is Sachins's Jersey number?


For vital capacity what units are the measurements in?

My vital capacity is 1650cc (Yes, it's very low, but I'm twelve and I'm small). cc is used to measure vital capacity.

Where did sachins 200 scored?

at gwaliar in India.......

What is sachins full name?

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar..

Weight of sachins bat in kilogram?

14 KG

What is Sachins 4th inning average in test?


What affects vital signs and accurate measurements of them?

Drinking, Smoking, Lack of Excersire are all factors of innacurate vital signs and certainly affects them aswell

How would you describe vital signs to a patient?

I would describe vital signs as the general measurements used to get a general idea on what condition the body currently is in.

Who took sachins last test wicket?

Narsingh Deonarine

Where can someone view their own vital statistics?

You can view your own vital statistics by looking in the mirror and using a measuring tape to record the measurements of your waist, chest/breast, hips(women) and legs.

Importance of surveying?

Everything that has to do with civil engineering is based upon the measurements of land surveying. Surveying gives the measurements that are vital to build things such as buildings, bridges, tunnels and other important things.

What is Lady Gaga's vital statistics?

5'1" heighth 107 lbs weight 34-25-34 measurements

What are the advantages of science equipments?

Science equipment is vital for measurements, experiments, design, maintenance and many other factions

What measurements are included in taking a patient vital Signs?

Temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, pulse oximetery, and respiratory rate.

What were Elizabeth Taylor's vital statistics?

As listed in IMDB (at one time) she had a height of 5' 2" and measurements of 36C-21-36.

What are vital signs and what is their significance?

Vital signs are the measurements of pulse, blood pressure, respirations, and pupil size and reactions. They give medical personnel a basic picture of how stable a patient is and how well the patients body is coping with stress or injury.

Is sachin Adidas's brand ambasoder?

no sachins bat is actually called the addidas sachin tendulkar cricket bat

What is the component of vital signs?

The vital signs are a group of measurements indicating the general health of a person. They include temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure. Often, a pulse oximetry reading is also obtained if in the hospital or doctor's office.

First one day match of sachins?

ODI debut vs Pakistan on 18 December 1989

What is a collective medical term for weight and height measurements the same way that blood pressure and temperature are called vital signs?

These could be considered Body Mass Index or BMI.

What has the author Georges Dreyer written?

Georges Dreyer has written: 'The assessment of physical fitness by correlation of vital capacity and certain measurements of the body' -- subject(s): Anthropometry

How would breast cancer affect taking vital signs or measurements?

A patient who had axillary lymph node surgery should not have blood pressure taken on the affected arm. Doing so could increase the risk of lymphedema.

What is the importance of measurement in education?

I read this in two ways, and I'm not sure which is the intended one, so I'll answer both: 1) Measurements are such a vital part of life generally - anything from simple tasks around the home, via designing a computer, ship or bridge to astrophysics - that understanding them and their associated arithmetic must form a vital component of any school syllabus. Measurements therefore are not important "IN" education. The education shows the importance of measurements. 2) "Measurement in education" may be interpreted as a qualitative assessment of the education itself, i.e. the overall performance of a school, college or university reflected by statistical study of examination passes and other records, to ensure it is providing the quality of teaching expected of it.

What are Deborah Shelton measurements?

Her measurements are perfect