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swiming curling bowling gymnastics boxing volleyball Basketball hockey Wrestling football baseball soccer golf Ice Hockey diving track skiing

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There are modern ,summer , winter and ancient

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Q: What are the two types of the olympic games?
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What types of building were erected for the olympic games?

Stadiums Accommodation (the Olympic village) Media Centers

Is it an Olympic sport?

Volleyball is an summer Olympic sport. There are two types: indoor and beach.

Date of first Olympic games?

The Olympic Games started over two millennia ago.The first modern Olympic Games commenced on April 6, 1896.

In addition to the official Olympic Games what other types of Olympic events are held?

They also run the Winter & Paralympics

What are the 2 different types of olympic games?

There is the Winter Olympics and the Sumner Olympics

What are the three types of medals given out at the Olympic Games?

Gold, silver and bronze.

What are the two types of olympic volleyball games?

Beach volleyball with 2 people and indoor volleyball with a team of 6 on the court.

How many kinds of sport were in the first Olympic Games?

every types such as cricket,badmintonetc...

What are the two types of olympic events in gymnastics?

rhythmic and artistic gymnastic

Will there be a Mario vs sonic?

There are two: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. Both are on the Wii and DS.

How many Olympic games are played in 2008?

One, the Summer Olympics. There is one Olympic Games played every two years. The Winter Olympic will occur in 2010, the Summer Games again in 2012, the Winter Games again in 2014.

What were the last two countries to host the Olympic games?

it is our country