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The two equipments or objects of Badminton are the shuttle cock and the racket.

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Q: What are the two objects of badminton?
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What are the materials needed for badminton?

For badminton, you need at least two badminton racquets, shuttlecocks (or birdies), a net or badminton string, and proper clothing and tennis shoes.

How many servings are there in badminton?


How does the badminton court looks like?

A badminton court is a rectangular court, divided into two halves with a net in the center.

What are the two types of serves in badminton?

overhand and volley

What are the tools needed in the badminton game?

Minimally, a shuttlecock, two players, two badminton racquets, some space, and a freestanding net dividing the space. Use the Link to learn about equipment specifications, rules, and laws that govern the sport of Badminton.

Can you play badminton after two years after angioplasty?

It should be safe to play badminton after that period. Asking your doctor would be a good idea.

What are badminton racket strings made out of?

there are two types of Badminton Strings, strings made of natural guts material or synthetic material.

What are the other two names for badminton?

There are many names for badminton. I would like to share few of them . They are:Physical chess gamePoonaShuttlecockNet-shot

What is the name Sudirman related to?

Every two years there is a big badminton tournament called the Sudirman Cup named after Dick Sudirman, a former badminton player who started the Badminton Association of Indonesia.

What two nations dominate the game of badminton?

china, Korea

Who is world number two badminton player?

taufik hidayat

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Two things reduce the force of gravity between two objects: an increase in the distance between the two objects or decrease in mass of the two objects

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