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Football and Baseball

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Q: What are the top 2 spectator sports in the US?
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What are the most popular spectator sports in the world.?

What is the top five most played sports in the US?

2.SOCCER 4. football

What are France's 4 main spectator sports?

the Frenches main sport is soccer, the 2 is rugby, the 3 is handball, the last is basket ball

Most top tiring sport in the world?

I'v herd lots of roomers about the top most tiring sports. But with what I herd the top 2 most tiring sports are Soccer and Motocross.

How many people play sports in US?

about 2 milllion

Top 5 sports in the US?

1.Football 2.Basketball 3.Baseball 4.Hockey 5.Soccer

Top 5 us sports?

1. Football 2. Baseball 3. Basketball 4. Golf 5. Tennis

What sports were popular during the 1920's?

Baseball and Boxing were the 2 most popular sports in the US during that era.

What sports lost popularity after world war 2 in US?


What is the spectator ion in the reaction between Ba(NO3)2 and (NH4)3PO4?

The molecular equation is 3Ba(NO3)2(aq) + 2(NH4)3PO4(aq) ==> Ba3(PO4)2(s) + 6NH4NO3(aq)The spectator ions are NH4^+ and NO3^-

What are the popular sports and pastimes of India?

Cricket is the number 1 team and spectator sport. Soccer is number 2. Cricket overtook soccer in the late 80s after India won the Cricket World Cup.

What is the top speed of the US Spy Plane?

The US spy plane, Lockheed U-2, has a top speed of 500 mph.

The top ten most popular sports in Europe?


What is the largest sports marketing city in the US?

The largest sports market in America is the New York City metro area home to 2 NBA teams, 2 NFL teams and 2 NHL teams.

What is your income in top 2 percent family earners in US?


What are the world's top ten spectator sports?

According to a 2010 survey the Top Ten Spectator(keyword) sports in the world by fan count are:#1--Football (soccer), approximately 3.5 billion fans.#2--Cricket, approximately 2.5 billion fans.#3--Tennis, approximately 2.2 billion fans.#4--Basketball, approximately 2 billion fans.#5--Motor Racing.#6--Horse Racing.#7--Baseball.#8--Track and Field.#9--Golf.#10--Boxing.

What is the three most popular sports in Canada?

The top three sports in Canada are 1. hockey 2. lacrosse 3. basketball

What are the top supermarkets in the US?

1. Vons 2. Ralphs

What are the top 3 sports in Spain?

1. Soccer 2. Futsal 3. Basketball

Is there a Wii sports a Wii sports 2 and a Wii sports resort or just a Wii sports and Wii sports resort?

There is only a wii sports and a wii sports resort, but no wii sports 2 thanks

How do you fly in moden warfare 2?

in multiplayer be a spectator instead being on the teams

What are the top ten major sports of the us?

1)Football 2)Baseball 3)Basketball 4)Soccer 5)Hockey 6)Golf 7)Nascar 8) tennis 9)Mixed Martial arts 10)Boxing

What is the spectator ions in magnesium sulphate and sodium hydroxide?

Sodium and sulfate are spectator ions or tribuned ions because they do not react, the other two will give precipitated Mg(OH)2.

What is the spectator ion in KOH and CoBr2?

The molecular equation is 2KOH(aq) + CoBr2(aq) ==> 2KBr(aq) + Co(OH)2(s)The spectator ions are K^+ and Br^-

What are the two most popular sports in the US?

The three top sports in the United states are Basketball as first because it is played by most kids on streets and in schools for gym and by adults as a hooby or profession. Number 2 would be football a very challenging sport and a sport that is really great to watch if you love seeing hard hits.