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The top played German sport is football or soccer.

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Q: What are the top 10 sports in Germany?
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What are the top 3 sports in Germany?

soccer, handball, and boxing

What sports activities does Germany have?

Germany has a Soccer League called the Bundesliga in which the top teams play. And many, many other sports.

What is the top 10 most watched sports in the US?

the top 10 most watched sports are football,soccer,basketball,hockey,and baseball

What are the 10 most played sports in Germany?

Dancing, galloping, and summersaults

What are The Top 10 favourite sports in Italy?

one in soccer!

Top 10 sports played in Europe?

Soccer is #1

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top 6 best Spanish sports people

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What is top 10 most favorite sports in each European country?


What are the ten most popular sports in Mexico?

I don't know what the top 10 are but i would say soccer is the top.

What team has placed the most in the top four in the world cup?

Germany has placed in the top four 12 times. (8 as West Germany, 4 as Germany) Brazil has placed in the top four 10 times. Italy has placed in the top for 8 times.

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I am sure table tennis is one of them. :)

Is swimming one of the top sports?

top sports: soccer, football,...

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Under Armour Nike Adidas Starter Jordan

What sports originated in Germany?

ice hokey originated in Germany

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please help me to find the top ten companies of event from Germany,France and UK

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