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Heptathlon, Synchronised Swimming and one other

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Q: What are the three women only Olympic events?
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Related questions

In which events at the Olympic games do women only participate?

Synchronised swimming

What are the three men only Olympic events?

Team sprint in track cycling

Men only Olympic events?

The Nordic combined event is still a men only event. All other events women are allowed and permitted to compete in.

Ski jumping of Olympic?

Yes , ski jumping is in Olympics, but not for women. It is the only event in the Olympics--summer or winter--that does not allow women. (The last event in the Olympic Summer Games to include women is boxing, which will be included in London 2012.) By 2014, the women will have had two World Championships and will have World Cup status. The hope is that the IOC will vote to allow the women into Sochi 2014 sometime in late 2010, which will finally make the Olympics gender equal, although men still have many more events than women in many sports. For example, in ski jumping, the men have three events--the K90, K120, and team event. If the women are voted in to Sochi 2014, they will only be approved for the K90.

What Olympic sports are for women only?

Synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics are for women only. Softball was another - it has been dropped but a campaign is mounting to reinstate it at the 2012 London games. Some other events have a slightly different male and female version. For example, in speed swimming only women compete at 800m and only men compete at 1500m. Another example in track and field: men compete in the decathlon (10 events); women in the heptathlon (7 events).

Women only events?

The women only events in artistic gymnastics are balance beam and uneven bars. Women only perform rhythmic gymnastics.

Are there men only events in the Olympic Games?

At the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing, sports that only men participated in were baseball and boxing. Baseball has been discontinued in Olympic competition and starting in 2012, there will be women's boxing competition. At the 2012 Summer Games in London, there will be no men only sports. why

Which olympic field events are men only?


What are 3 2012 summer olympic events that only men can participate in?

There are many more than 3 events that do not have a similar event for the women. The 50 M walk, 5 boxing events, and many events in canoeing are just the first ones looked at in alphabetical order.

When did women start to compete in the Olympic games?

They did not compete at all in the ancient Olympic Games in Greece- this was limited to male athletes only. They first began competing in the modern Olympics at the Paris games of 1900, in the sports of lawn tennis and golf. They were admitted to athletics events in the 9th modern Olympics at Amsterdam in 1928, where the women's 100 metres was won by Elizabeth Robinson of the USA. From then on, women's participation in a wider range of events was added on a piecemeal basis to each Olympic tournament.

What did women do in olympic games in ancient Greece?

Back in Acient Greece women were not allowed in the olympic games only men.

What are summer Olympic events?

The first Summer Olympic games had only nine events. Today there are over 25 events in the Summer Olympics. Some of those events include polo, swimming, diving, track, and volleyball.

When did women start learning fencing?

Women first began to be allowed to compete in the Olympic fencing events in 1924, in the individual foil event. Epee would follow much later in 1996, and sabre only in 2004.

What were the only events in the first Olympic Games?

The only event was the 190 meter spint

Did women verse men in the Olympic games?

Three sports that I know of at one time allowed women to compete against men. Sailing at one time had several events open to men and women but in recent years has created separate events . Likewise shooting used to be open but they too have created separate events. Equestrian is the only current sport open to both sexes. Both shooting and equestrian have had women win gold medals competing against men. In the Winter Games the rules for luge allow for the doubles event to have women compete but I don't think this has happened as of yet.

What women was aloud in the real ancient Olympics the ancient olympic games?

No, there was only olympic games for men in ancient olympic history

What events took place in the first Olympic?

The Ancient Olympic Games consisted of only one race, the "stade" race

Which olympic sport has both men and women competing against each year?

Show jumping is, AFAIK, the only event where men and women compete on equal term. There are also some mixed events; for example, badmington and table tennis.

When were US women allowed to participate in the Olympics?

No women were allowed to participate in the 1896 Olympics, because de Coubertin felt that their inclusion would be "impractical, uninteresting, unaesthetic, and incorrect." There were women's events at the 1900 Games in Paris: tennis and golf. In addition to that, at least three women competed in croquet, and there was a woman member of the winning team in yachting, the first woman to win an Olympic medal. Six women competed at the 1904 Olympic Games in St. Louis, archery being the only women's event. They were all Americans. Women were allowed to compete in swimming from 1912, but the USA would not allow its women to do anything that did not involve wearing an ankle-length skirt. Women were allowed to compete in tack & field events from 1928.

Can men and women participate in all winter olympic sports?

At the 2010 Games in Vancouver, no. There is one sport that is for men only and that is ski jumping. The International Olympic Committee refused to schedule women's ski jumping at the 2010 Games. Their reasoning was that there was not enough interest and there are not enough countries with world class women ski jumpers. The IOC was taken to court over this in Canada but were not made to include women in ski jumping events as the presiding judge ruled that, while the exclusion of women was discriminatory, the Canadian courts have no control over the International Olympic Committee. Look for women's ski jumping to be included in the events at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi.

What sports are for women only?

In general men and women can both compete in various Olympic sports. However, tennis, golf, and croquet are for women only.

Were women not allowed to compete in the olympic games?

Women weren't allowed to compete in the olympic games because Olympia was dedicated to Zeus. Women weren't citizens and only citizens could attend.

Coed olympic events?

Summer event that are co-ed are Equestrian only

How many countries must participate in a sport for it to be considered as a Olympic event?

From the IOC:The IOC establishes the programme of the Olympic Games, which only includes Olympic Sports. 1 Olympic Sports included in the Programme of the Olympic Games 1.1 To be included in the programme of the Olympic Games, an Olympic sport must conform to the following criteria: 1.1.1 only sports widely practised by men in at least seventy-five countries and on four continents, and by women in at least forty countries and on three continents, may be included in the programme of the Games of the Olympiad; 1.1.2 only sports widely practised in at least twenty-five countries and on three continents may be included in the programme of the Olympic Winter Games.

What summer olympic events no longer exist?

I only know one and that's baseball.