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there are 7!


figure skating

Ice Hockey

speed skating

recriational skating

tour skating

biathlathon (or triathlathon i cant remember)

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Q: What are the three types of skating?
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What are three types of figure skating?

1. ice dancing 2. pairs skating 3. figure skating 4. synchronized skating

What other types of skating are there?

Some different types of skating are Hockey, Figure Skating, and Speed Skating.

What are the three types of figure skating events?

pairs ladies mens dance

What are three forms of ice-skating?

figure skating dance skating synchronised skating hockey skating

What three forms of ice?

figure skating dance skating synchronised skating hockey skating

What is the proper definition of the word skating?

Though there are many different types of skating, such as ice skating and roller skating, the process consists of rolling or sliding on a hard surface or ice using wheeled or bladed shoes.

What are the different types of ice skating?

Ice Skating has lots of forms. Dance, Pairs, Duets, Trios, Freestyle, Hockey, and speed.

What is a skating vert?

there are three types of skateboarding: 1)street(grinds on the street railings and stuff) 2)flatland freestyle(check out Rodney mullen japan 1984 on youtube) 3) Vert (skating on a skatepark on quarterpipes halfpipes loops etc.)

Can you list the types of turn in ice skating?

I'm guessing you mean turns in figure skating. There are many types of turns in figure skating. 3-turn Rockers Choctaws Counters All of these turns can be done forwards or backwards using either the inside or outside edges.

How many medals has the US received in speed skating?


What types of products are sold by Action Village?

Action Village sells products for snowboarding, skating, paintball, airsoft, and BMX racing. Some of their products include airsoft guns, snowboards, skating shoes, skating decks, and bikes.

What is Billy Marks famous for?

Billy Marks is a famous skater and is well known for exceptional skating skills and versatility. He has the capacity to do different types of skating tricks and exhibitions.

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