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1.Underwater Basket Weaving /Freefall treacle bending

2.Speed-Eating (the guys with hotdogs)

3.and armadillo rasslin

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Q: What are the three most popular sports in york?
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Which sports is most popular in new York?

To the best of my knowledge Rugby is the most popular game in new York.

What sports are popular in New York City?


What winter sport was brought to new york by the dutch?

they have many popular winter sports...the most popular one is skiing and snowboarding

What is the most popular sports symbol in the world?

According to the new era stat sheet, the most popular team logo is the New York Yankees

Who is the most watched New York sports team?

Well there are tons of New York sports teams. New York Mets, New York Yankees, New York Red Bulls, New York Knicks, New York Rangers, New York Islanders. But I'd say the Yankees are the most popular, since they've won the World Series 27 times, which is the most times a team has won the WS.

What are the most popular breeds in new york?

the most popular one in new york is the havanese.

What was the most popular crop in Providence New York?

What was the most popular crop in Providence New York?

What city has the most sports teams?

New York

Most marketable teams in sports history?

The New York Yankees are the most marketable team in sports history.

Where is Amish most popular?

Amish is most popular in Lancaster/York, America

Where can one find a list of bar stool sports?

The New York City Barstool Sports website has a vast array of information on bar stool sports and features a list of the most popular ones. One can view the website completely free of charge.

What radio stations are available in New York?

There are over 300 registered radio stations in New York. Some of the most popular are WQXR, Hot 97, Z100, 101.9 and the sports station for ESPN 98.7.