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the head the face and the grip

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Q: What are the three main parts of a badminton racket?
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What are the parts of a badminton racket?

Badminton is a sport where the athlete's tool is his or her racket. Familiarity with the six main parts of the racket and their respective significance will improve the success of a badminton player.HandleStringed AreaThe athlete grips the racket with the handle. The handle is allowed to be attached to the wrist or hand for security purposes. HeadThe stringed area is the section with which the athlete hits the shuttlecock. The strings are flat and uniformly interlaced, and the area cannot be larger than 280 millimeters by 220 millimeters. ShaftThe head is the ovoid part of the racket that surrounds the stringed area and keeps it in place. ThroatThe shaft extends from the handle to connect it to the head, either with or without a further portion called the throat. FrameThe throat is a triangular extension of the shaft that further connects it to the head for extra support. Not every racket contains a throat.The handle, head, shaft, and throat (if present) combine to form the frame. It cannot be larger than 680 millimeters in length and 230 millimeters in width.

How Badminton is played?

Badminton is a outdoor court game that is played with rackets and shuttlecocks. This game usually played up to 21 points. It is played in single or double. The main objective of badminton is to hit the shuttlecock by racket to other side as it can be easily hit by other game partners.

What are the dimensions of a badminton racket?

There are many dimensions for a badminton racket for which ones you buy. The racket shall be a frame not exceeding 680 mm in overall length and 230 mm in overall width consisting of the main parts described in Laws. It should not exceed 280 mm in overall length and 220 mm in overall width. However, the strings may extend into an area which otherwise would be the throat, provided that the width of the extended stringed area does not exceed 35 mm; and the overall length of the stringed area does not then exceed 330 mm.

What are the 4 parts of the racquet in badminton?

The 4 MAIN parts are:GripStringsShaftHead/StringsThere are many more parts such as grommets and the cone and many more.

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