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there are alot of cheers that have been made but so many teams change them around a bit... in general u can make your own cheer and they are allways better then ones that have been changed and retaught 100 times so just have fun and cheer about what ever floats your boat!!!! :p

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Cheers And if you're head cheerleader, demands.

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It sounds like your talking about megaphones. They can also be called cones. Some girls yell out of them too.

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They are simply called cheers or chants.

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Q: What are the things cheerleaders yell out of called?
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What are football cheerleaders called?

Sideline Cheerleaders

Why was the megaphone made?

to allow the crowd to hear the cheerleaders easier and louder without the cheerleader having to yell as much

Who is in the cheerleaders club in glee?

The cheerleaders in Glee are called the "Cheerios"

Are cheerleaders shy?

Well its pretty obvious they ain't. If they can yell at the top of their lungs for hours straight, then they can't be shy. Use your brain..........and yes cheerleaders do have brains,, whether they use them or not is their choice. :D EAT SLEEP CHEER

What are male cheerleaders called?

male cheerleaders wear a shirt and shorts. Like in this picture:

What are the cheerleaders called for the Edmonton Oilers?

The Octane.

What do coaches tell cheerleaders what not to do?

Coaches tell their cheerleaders not to drop their fliers, be loose, frown or not have facials. Those are all things you should NOT do

What do boys do when they get angry?

Hit things/yell.

What are the Carolina Panther cheerleaders called?

The Carolina TopCats

What was Dallas cowboys cheerleaders originally called?

AnswerThey were originally called Cowbelles.

What do they call the usc cheerleaders?

They are called USC Cheerleaders. But the school also has a popular dance squad known as the USC Song Girls.

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