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for baboons like you for baboons like you

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Q: What are the ten most popular sports in England?
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What are the ten most popular sports watched on tv?


What are the ten most popular college sports in the US?

lackham college is the best

What are the top ten most popular team sports in the Philippines?

Basketball and Billiards. =)

What are the ten most popular sports in the world by participation?

I would have to say soccer

What are the most popular ladies sports?

vollyball,basketball,ten nis,and softball

Top ten most popular sports in Massachusetts?

red sox, baseball bruins, hockey pats, football soccer.. ....are there even ten sports?

Who owns the most popular tv channels and newspapers in India?

the most popular TV channel is owned by ten sports and the most popular newspaper is owned by DNA

What are the top ten most popular sports played in the Dominican Republic?

baseball is really popular and porbably soccer too

What is the most popular sports played by ten to fifteen years old children?

stink finger

What are the ten most popular sports in the Massachusetts?

Baseball, football, hockey, those are the top three.

What are common pets in England?

The top ten most popular pets in England, in order from most to least popular, are: Dogs Cats Rabbits Birds (indoor) Hamsters Horses and ponies Snakes Gerbils Tortoises/turtles and rats. Goldfish/Tropical fish are common as pets in England and in the top ten most popular !

What is the top ten sports in the Philippines?

The five most popular sports in Philippines are basketball, boxing, volleyball, soccer and billiards. Other popular sports are baseball, swimming, martial arts, aerobics and athletics.

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