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you need to have technique in every different skill you learn and from that you can slowly build-up on own your skills like for example offense,repetition,most importantly you will need confidence which can bring you to a stage where it is proffesional, fell free to e-mail me if you have any question, thanks......

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Q: What are the technical skills aside from defense you need to have?
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What are the three major types of managerial skills that managers need?

conceptual skills, human relations skills, technical skills. conceptual skills, human relations skills, technical skills.

What kind of skills do managers need?

Generally, managers need to have communication skills, human skills, computer skills, time-management skills, and technical skills

What basic skills do you need for a job?

verbal skills written communication skills ict technical skills

What skills does one need to become an acrobat?

There are key skills and technical skills needed to become an acrobat. The key skills needed are flexibility, strength, balance, agility, and artistry. The technical skills depend on the type of acrobats.

What technical skills are required to be a dentist?

You need to know teeph

What technical skills do you need to be a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapist does operation of technical medical equipment. They need administrative skills such as basic accounting, human resources and materials but physiotherapist who works on their own also needs management.

What are the skills needed to become a scientist?

some scientists need a PhD or masters degree they will need communication skills, interests, communication skills, people skills and scientific/technical knowledge

What do you need to design?

think creatively technical skills: drawing, computer design skills

Why do nurse need technical skills?

el tango de roxanne

What type of technical skills do you need to be a fitness instructor?

The qualifications and technical skills you need to be a fitness instructor include certification in fitness, an education in training, and a passion for fitness. Fitness instructors are also very energetic.

What technical skills do you need to be a paramedic?

paramdic need good communication skill and personal qulites.

What type of skills are necessary for success as a veterinarian?

There are about four sets of skills you need as a veterinarian: communication skills, self-management skills, business and human resources skills and technical skills.

What are skills basketball players need?

Ball handling , Passing , Defense , Rebounding , Shooting

What educational classes do vets need to focus on?

There are numerous classes covering anatomy, physiology, pathology, technical skills such as surgery and examination, communication skills and business skills.

How have computers affected the American workforce?

workers need more technical skills to get jobs - novanet

What is the meaning of lack of technical skills?

There are many kinds of skills in different areas of life. Taking something like computing, you need a certain amount of technical skills to use them. Having a lack of something means that you don't have it. So if someone has a lack of technical skills, it means they don't have those skills. So if it was in relation to computers, it would mean they don't have the skills to use them and this could also make it harder for them to use other kinds of technology.

How much schooling do you need to be a bounty hunter?

Zilch. Do not confuse skills with education. One may need skills to do the job, self defense skills for example, people skills to motivate contacts, etc., but the position requires no education per se.

What is pre-technical skills?

pre tech is the use of available material from the environment to solve mankinds need

What skills does it take to be a veterinarian?

There are many skills that veterinarians need, ranging from technical skills such as good manual dexterity and palpation technique to communication skills such as active listening and using appropriate vocabulary for the audience. Veterinarians also need good emotional intelligence and self-management skills, business and financial skills and leadership skills.

What do you need to do to achieve a career in IT consulting?

A good IT consultant must possess, advisory skills,technical skills, business skills, communication skills, and management skills. A Bachelors degree or higher in Information Technology is also very helpful.

Why conceptual and technical skills are more important to a manager than human skills?

You may have to re-think your question. Human skills are NOT less important than conceptual and technical skills. In fact, if one would observe the needed skills as one goes up the leadership/management ladder, conceptual and technical skills vary. But Human skills remain constant. In every level of leadership - Lower,Middle, Upper management - the need for human skills remain very important. Aprox. 80% of a leader's day involves dealing with people.

What aptitudes and abilities are needed as a veterinarian?

You need to have good communication skills, good time management skills, good emotional control and good teamwork skills. In addition, you need to have the technical skills required by veterinary medicine - examination, diagnosis, treatment, surgery, etc.

What are two important skills that veterinarians need?

Strong communication skills are vital, both written and spoken - you have to explain what is going on to the human owner of your patient and rely on this person to follow your instructions to treat the animal at home. You also need strong technical skills, such as surgical skills and diagnostic procedure skills.

Is technical skills alone enough for a manager to achieve high performance?

no because he need some employees to work for him

What factors are to be consider in choosing a business partner?

There are quite a few but it will come down to what you need the partner for. Do you need the partners money, business skills, technical skills, contacts, reputation or something else. Based on the why drives the what.