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Black, White, and Gold

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Q: What are the team colors of the New Orleans Saints?
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Are the New Orleans Saints an expansion team?

The New Orleans Saints joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1967.

When did the New Orleans saint become a team?

The Saints have always been located in New Orleans. The team joined the league in the 1967 season.

What football team does the city of New Orleans have?

New Orleans has an NFL (National Football League) team called the New Orleans Saints.

Who is the team saints?

They are a NFL team from New Orleans Louisiana

What NFL team is the saints?

The team based in New Orleans

What are New Orleans Saints official colors?

Black and gold.

Where can one find information on the NFL team The New Orleans Saints?

One can find information on the NFL team The New Orleans Saints on their website New Orleans Saints. One can also find information on sites such as CBS Sports and ESPN.

What team is reggie bush on?

New Orleans Saints

What is the name of the NFL team in New Orleans?

The Saints

What sports are the New Orlean Saints associated with?

The New Orleans Saints are a professional football team that is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. The team is often referred to as The Saints and they began playing at the Tulane Stadium in 1967.

What sports teams does New Orleans have?

The New Orleans Saints is a team in the National Football League. The New Orleans Hornets is a team in the National Basketball Association.

What is a sport team from Louisiana?

NFL - New Orleans Saints NBA - New Orleans Hornets