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The other sports using rackets , beside tennis are squash, Badminton and Table Tennis.

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Q: What are the sports that use a racquet?
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What sports use hollow balls?

Racquet ball

How do you use racquet in a sentence?

A racquet is used in sports such as tennis and squash.Answered by a 13 year old. SO EASY!

What three sports that uses a racquet?

The three sports that use a racket or racquet are: # Badminton # Table Tennis # Tennis

What does prestrung racquet mean?

A tennis or other sports racquet sold at retail is technically "prestrung" (ready to use). Pre-strung means the racquet is shipped to the store already strung and that is the way you purchase it. In specialty sports stores and pro shops, you purchase the racquet, choose the strings, and have the racquet strung at the tension you request.

What is the biggest differences between badminton and other racquet sports?

it dose not use a ball

How is tennis unlike other racquet sports?

Tennis is definitely the most popular. There are differences between all the racquet sports.

What sports are racquets used in?

Several racquet sports include:RacquetballBadmintonSquashTennisPaddleball

What are the different types of racquet sports?

There are over twenty different forms of racquet sports. The most popular of these are: Racquet Ball, Tennis, BadMinton, Lacrosse, Paddle Ball and Ping Pong.

What is the biggest difference between badminton and other racquet sports?

it dose not use a ball

How do you impersonate coach from racquet sports wii?


What are the ratings and certificates for Columbia World of Sports Racquet Wizards - 1954?

Columbia World of Sports Racquet Wizards - 1954 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Approved

What is the difference between a racket and a racquet?

The word Racquet has origin in the French word racqutte and distinquishes it from Racket in English to mean 'noise/din' .However the English option to use Racquet/racket as sports equipment(tennis/badmington etc) is accepted.

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