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The Laws of the Game are specified by FIFA. An international organization that the USSF is a member of.

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Q: What are the soccer rules for American teams?
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What are the rules for membership in national soccer teams?

The rules used are FIFA rules. The FIFA website contains this extensive list.

Are the rules the same for Caribbean and American soccer?

No the rules are different.

How is Italian Soccer different then American Soccer?

different teams and it's no different to English and Finnish Soccer

Is soccer the same with football?


What are some American soccer teams?

the Chicago Fire

How many outdoor pro soccer teams are in the US?

By pro I guess you mean MLS which is the first tier of American soccer, in that case it's 15 teams.

What are the Pan American soccer rules?

Soccer is played by the same rules in every part of the world, with very few (non-notable) exceptions.

Is their a soccer team called patriots and giants?

The Patriots and Giants are both American Football teams, not soccer.

How is soccer and baseball the same?

Rules teams uniforms injuries team work runing balls

If you have two soccer teams in front of two soccer teams and two soccer teams behind two soccer teams and two soccer teams beside two soccer teams How many players do you have?

110 Players = 10 teams but there is 12 teams so it would actually be 132 Players

Where did soccer first come from?

i think soccer came from England.the rules their are very different from American soccer. they played very bloody when they played soccer.

What is the difference between American soccer and british soccer?

American Soccer is popular as it is in England, so they are far less experienced then those who play in premier league, the rules are exactly the same.

What American professional sport has the most teams?

Soccer has more than 200 teams. The NFL has 32, Baseball has 30.

How many countries have soccer teams that are a part of FIFA?

The FIFA has hundreds of countries that are eligible to have soccer teams that play in this international organization. For instance, the FIFA has several European and South American countries.

How many latin Americans soccer teams are there?

There were eight South American football teams that qualified for the FIFA World Cup in 2014. There were another seven national teams that did not make it and hundreds more. Soccer is a major sport in Latin America.

Why is soccer referred to as footbol?

The real name for Soccer is Football. You use your foot, to move the ball. Football was invented before American Football, the rules were written before American Football's rules. American Football shouldn't be called Football because the foot is barely used.

How many teams are they in soccer?

about 200 soccer teams

What is the official name for soccer?

technically soccer is football, the original football, unlike rugby or American football, or Aussie rules

What are twenty rules for soccer?

The rules of soccer is called the laws of the game

What comes in sets of 11?

American football teams come in sets of 11 as do soccer teams. There are eleven moons that populate the sky above the planet Jupiter.

What are the famous Latin American soccer teams?

The main ones are Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paruguay.

What is Ryan Potter's favorite sport?

Ryan Potter's favorite sport is soccer! This is obvious because his text signature is *soccer rules!* Plus, he and his best freind Evan always wear soccer shirts from the two teams that they play on.

How many teams in Mexican soccer league?

32 soccer teams

How many professional Canadian soccer teams are there?

there are 20 soccer teams in Canada

Why do thay call soccer football in other places?

Because football is its original name, as the ball is kicked by the foot. It is called football around the vast majority of the world, it is only in America where 'American Football' is so popular it is called soccer. Soccer is sometimes used in Australia due to Australian Rules Football. Both American and Australian Rules football are variations of soccer (football) hence there names.