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There aren't really a lot of similarities. I love doing both and they are completely different entities. Snow skiing you have boots that click into long slender skis on each foot and most people use poles to propel themselves forward. It it obviously done on snow. Jet skiing is a water sport and it is done on a engine propelled thing, a jet ski. There is a throttle and a key to start it. Most people wear life jackets while on them. If you were talking about water skiing instead of jet skiing, then that is also a water sport and no boots or anything is required. You normally just slip your feet in. You will start off in the water and will hold onto a rope attached to a boat and then the boat will take off and you need to focus on making it out of the water and get on your feet. The only similarities there is you are using long slender skis.

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Q: What are the similarities between jet skiing and snow skiing?
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