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The average salary for an assistant coach in the NHL is $200,000 per year. The average salary for an assistant coach in the NFL is $350,000 to $400,000 per year.

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Q: What are the salaries of NHL assistant coaches?
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What are the salaries of assistant NBA coaches?

It depends on who you are talking about.

What are the salaries of nhl coaches?

The salaries of NHL coaches vary depending on experience and success of the team. The highest paid NHL coach is Mike Scioscia who makes $5 million per year.

What are salaries of NHL coaches?

About 80,000 to one million a year.

What are the salaries for the Los Angeles Lakers assistant coaches?


What are the salaries of NBA assistant coaches?

I heard around 100-150k for college coaches and 575k for NBA coaches.

Highest paid NHL coach?

Currently Mike Babcock of the Detroit Red Wings and Alain Vigneault of the New York Rangers are paid $2,000,000 for their salaries. These two coaches are shown as the highest because their salaries are made public. Many NHL head coaches salaries are undisclosed to the public.

What are Division 3 assistant football coaches salaries?

It depends on the college. and what other responsibility's they have at the institution. Most DIII assistant coaches in Minnesota make between $30K and at the high end $50K

How many assistant coaches are there on an NHL team?

The number of assistant coaches varies from team to team but here is what I understand the standard most teams carry. There are two assistant coaches on the bench along with the head coach. One assistant is for offense and the other for defense. There is also a goaltending coach who watches the game from a pressbox, "bird's eye" view and sometimes does doubles as the video coach. There is also a strength and conditioning coach. I have heard of teams carrying additional coaches for developing propects and are assigned to the minors and junior teams.

Why is there no female Coaches in the NHL?

because all of the coaches who are qualified enough to coach in the nhl are male

What are softball players salaries?

they don't have salaries unfortunately. some people are pitching coaches, hitting coaches, or fielding coaches and get payed about $0 an hour to $60 an hour.

Who picks the captain in the NHL?

The coaches.

Major league pitching coaches salaries?

Chicago white pitching coaches dalaries

Avg salaries of small college coaches?


Does the NFL salary cap include coaches salaries?


Who pays the US Army coaches salaries?


What are the salaries of NCAA track coaches?

The salaries of NCAA track coaches earned on average $49,140 to $63,720 a year. A very small percentage of college coaches earn more than a million a year.

What are the salaries of NCAA Head Softball Coaches?

The salaries of NCAA head softball coaches will vary according to experience and college. They average about $47,000 per year.

Are there assistant coaches in football?


What are the salaries of NHL head coaches?

Terry Murray - Los Angeles Kings - 3 years/$2.65 million (average $883,333 per season) 7/18/08

Who are the top NHL coaches?

Wayne Gretzky

What are the salaries of MLB coaches?

The salaries of MLD coaches are usually several million dollars annually. However, this number varies depending on their experience, as well as how successful his team is.

Do NBA coaches salaries go against the salary cap?


What are the salaries of the NFL head coaches for 2011?

$39,000 a month

How many assistant coaches became head coaches from 1992 packers?


How many assistant coaches for the 1992 packers went on to be head coaches?