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Q: Are there assistant coaches in football?
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What is the average salary of Division 1 football assistant coaches?


What are Division 3 assistant football coaches salaries?

It depends on the college. and what other responsibility's they have at the institution. Most DIII assistant coaches in Minnesota make between $30K and at the high end $50K

How much do graduate assistant football coaches get paid?

A graduate assistant football coach has a salary that can vary depending where they live. However, the average is around $47,000 per year.

Who is the head coach of the association football team VFL Wolfsburg?

The head coach of the VFL Wolfsburg football team is Felix Magath. The assistant coaches are Bernd Hollerback and Andries Jonker. The fitness coaches are Werner Leuthard and Alessandro Schoenmaker.

How many coaches are on a high school football team?

The average is two one assistant coach and a real coach. Usually

What do assistant football strength and conditioning coaches get paid?

$27 Hour $124,000 Yearly $3,560 Pay Check

How many assistant coaches became head coaches from 1992 packers?


How many assistant coaches for the 1992 packers went on to be head coaches?


Can a basketball team play without coaches?

yes but they have assistant coaches also

What are the salaries of NBA assistant coaches?

I heard around 100-150k for college coaches and 575k for NBA coaches.

Do assistant high school basketball coaches get paid?

That depends on what school the coach is at. Most schools, no. Some schools, however, will pay assistant coaches.

When was American Football Coaches Association created?

American Football Coaches Association was created in 1922.

When was Wisconsin Football Coaches Association created?

Wisconsin Football Coaches Association was created in 1975.

How many coaches has Notre Dame football had?

As of Charlie Weis, Notre Dame has had 29 head football coaches. Click on the 'Notre Dame Football Coaches' link below to see a list of them.

What Alabama football coaches have won national championships?

No Alabama football coaches have won national championships.

How many of the 1992 Green Bay Packers assistant coaches became head coaches?


Are there special coaches for the nba that are not assistant coaches?

yes, most players have agents, or their own trainers

What is the value of an autographed football by Alabama team and coach of 1979?

$500-$1500, If you had the team, the coach (Bear Bryant), and all the assistant coaches, it would be worth more.

What does a football head coach do?

Coaches football.

Who are past NBA assistant coaches?


NBA assistant coaches salary?

a lot

How many assistant coaches are there on an NHL team?

The number of assistant coaches varies from team to team but here is what I understand the standard most teams carry. There are two assistant coaches on the bench along with the head coach. One assistant is for offense and the other for defense. There is also a goaltending coach who watches the game from a pressbox, "bird's eye" view and sometimes does doubles as the video coach. There is also a strength and conditioning coach. I have heard of teams carrying additional coaches for developing propects and are assigned to the minors and junior teams.

How much do football coaches earn?

The salary of football coaches varies depending on the level of the athletes they coach. For example, high school football coaches make maybe several thousand dollars per season. On the other hand, coaches of professional football teams make several millions of dollars per season.

How many coaches on the New England Patriots?

There are sixteen assistant coaches to head coach Bill Belichick.

What is the salary of New Orleans Saints assistant coaches?

The head coach, Sean Payton, has a salary of 8 million. Assistant coaches make a fraction of that, but are still paid very well.