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In competition Table Tennis, there is no such thing as "rules of tournament referee". However, you can go to the website and research official rules of table tennis.

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2 referees

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Q: What are the rules of tournament referee in a table tennis game?
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What are the names of 2 officials in table tennis?

They are the referee and the umpire. A referee (or assistant referee) decides the application of the game rules, while an umpire (or assistant umpire) rules on the play or scoring in a game, including decisions on points scored.

How is table tennis and tennis different?

table tennis is played on a 15x6 table and meany different rules to tennis

What dos a table tennis referee do?

You mean "what Does" 1. He Refs the game :)

What are the table tennis referee duty?

The top official is the Tournament Referee. The role of a tournament referee differs widely from one Association to another and from one tournament to another. At one extreme he or she is involved in every part of the organisation, from drafting the entry form to arranging the finals. At the other extreme, the referee appears only on the day of the tournament solely to decide any question of rule interpretation.

How many games in the table tennis tournament?

Best of 5 in a final.

What are the rules to table tennis?

to play the game

How many golf rules are there?

there are 12 rules in table tennis

What is the height and width oft the table tennis racket?

Table tennis rackets can be any size according to the rules.

What are Rules and regulations of table tennis?

There ain't none

What happens if table tennis rules are not followed?

i need it

What are the names of all of the table tennis officials?

The top official is the Tournament Referee. It is also usual to appoint one or more deputy referees. For each match there is an umpire. For international competitions an assistant umpire is also used.

Can you compare and contrast tennis and ping pong?

they are pretty much the same rules but table tennis is played on a table and tennis is played on an outdoor court