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The rules are to throw the hammer at your mums face.

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Q: What are the rules of hammer throw?
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What are the rules of a hammer throw?

see in an book

Does high school have the hammer throw?

Im not sure about the rules for other states, but i know the state of never doesn't let the high schoolers throw the hammer. In High School, the only state that has the hammer throw is Rhode Island.

In the hammer throw what is the ball made of?

The hammer throw is made of steel.

Who invented the hammer throw?

Thor's Hammer

In the Hammer Throw what is the ball made from?

The ball used in hammer throw is made of steel.

What are hammer throw handles made from?

Typically, hammer throw handles are made from steel.

Did Thor's hammer throw lightning?

Yes, Thor's Hammer did indeed throw lightning

What year was hammer throw introduced to the Olympics?

Men's hammer throw debuted at the 1900 Games in Paris and women's hammer throw debuted at the 2000 Games in Sydney.

When was IAAF Hammer Throw Challenge created?

IAAF Hammer Throw Challenge was created in 2010.

When was Peter Farmer - hammer throw - born?

Peter Farmer - hammer throw - was born in 1952.

Why in the hammer throw you throw a stringed weight instead of an actual hammer?

The hammer throw was originally thrown with a sledge hammer, but as the sport developed people made the implement more effective by putting the weight as far away from the thrower as possible without violating the rules of the hammer's meassurements. The thrower's bodyweight counters the hammer head's weight (caused by the centrifugal force created by the moving of the implement) making a circulare motion. If the radious is larger (the implement's centre of gravity is as far away from the rotational axis as possible) a longer throw will be produced.

What is the average distance for a proffessional's hammer throw?

the average distance for a male to throw a hammer is aroud 60m

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