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Water Polo is basically a non-contact sport played in the water and is a cross between 5-a-side football and handball. The rules of water polo can be found in the related link below

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Q: What are the rules in water polo?
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How do you play water polo without the horse?

Water Polo is a very different sport to Polo. The way it is played is completely different and the equipment is different. There are no horses involved, just like there are no mallets involved and the ball is also different. Water Polo has its own rules.

Can a water polo player hold up both hands when defending?

No, not under FINA rules.

What are the similarities between polo and water polo?

water polo is in the water and pollo uses horses and is on land water polo is in the water and polo is on land and it involves horses.

Which sport do you break the rules by walking?

In water polo you are not allowed to touch the bottom of the pool, therefore you can't walk without breaking the rules. You must tread water the entire time.

When was water Polo invented and by whom?

Water Polo began in the late 19th century in bodies of open water in England and Scotland, its creation is not credited to any one individual but the rules were developed by William Wilson soon after it began.

How do you score points in horse polo?

== == See the Related Links for "Rules of polo" to the bottom for the answer.

How do you say I play water polo in Spanish?

Water polo in Spanish is: polo acuático. Yo juego al polo acuático.

Where will water polo be held in the Olympics 2012?

Water Polo Arena

What does polo park stand for?

eagle academy rules

What sport by the rules do you have to play right hand?


Water polo in Israel?

sure.thare is alott of water polo clubs in israel.

How do you win water polo?

Water Polo is won by outscoring the other team.

When was Australian Water Polo created?

Australian Water Polo was created in 1982.

What year was water polo invented?

The earliest known documentation of the sport of water polo can be traced back to the 1800's. In 1885, the Swimming Association of Great Britain officially recognized the game and formalized the rules made by William Wilson.

How good is jack Hugh mcshane Tasmania Hobart at water polo?

a lot better then Emily hill that's for sure. And is a fully sick playa who rules over Tasmanian water polo :P They all love him hell bad!!

If you can play polo with a hoese why carnt you play water polo with a horse?

those two sports are totally different the polo is the land sport and water polo is a water sport :D

Who invented water polo?

Water polo originated as a form of rugby played in the rivers of England and Scotland. Click on the 'History of Water Polo' link on this page to read an article concerning the history of water polo.

How do the horses not drowned in water polo?

Water Polo is Polo played in water minus the horses and sticks. It's kind of hand ball played in water by players.

How do you become a water polo coach?

well i think you become one by knowing all about water polo the strategy and all the moves of water polo.

How deep is the water for water polo?

For top standard water polo matches the minimum depth is 1.8m

What is the depth of the olympic water polo pool?

what is the depth of the olyimpic water polo pool

When did water polo come to the US?

Water polo was first played in the USA in 1888.

What equipment is needed to train in water polo?

pool, water polo ball, goal

Where did water polo begin?

Water polo began in England throughout rivers and lakes.

When was water polo discovered?

Water polo was discovered in Scottland in the late 19th century.