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the basic rules for Track and Field are simple. when doing a field event ,like long jump, the player has to run down the lane until he or she hits the board and jumps as far as they can go. you aren't allowed to jump over the board or it will be a foul

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Q: What are the rules for track and field?
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What are the Rules and regulations of the track and field events?

The rules of track and field will vary. There are the rules your school sets forth, your conference, and your state. You can usually find these rules online or by contacting your athletic coordinator.

What does a field judge do in a track and field meet?

an official who enforces the rules at a football game or a track and field meet

What is the width of a hurdle in track and field?

IAAF Rules show 1.18-1.20m

Who are the officials are on the field during a game in track and field?

Track and field has a starters (obvious), referees (rules interpreter) , clerks (assigns starting positions) , and field event judges (measuring jumps and throws as well as enforcing rules in their field events).

What are the Rules for competitors in the track and field event of high jump?

your body must not touch the bar

What do track umpires do in track and field events?

The Umpires are there to observe the competitors and report any infractions to the rules to the Referee. In other words: they are 'taddle-tails'.

What do referees do in track and field events?

They make sure that everyone follows the rules, and blows an annoying whistle.

What is widely considered to be the oldest sport known to humankind?

Track and Field

What is 3 main category in track and field?

track and field track and field

What are the basic rules of track and field?

You can't go off the track when you're racing, you need your assigned uniform at meets, and you need to stay in your own lane in certain races. You should also have under armor. Track is really fun! And the rules aren't hard at all to follow.

What is the Job description of a track and field official?

A track official's job is basically to make sure everything is running smoothly, while the rules are still enforced by all participants.

What sport was among the first Olympic events in 776 BC?

Track And Field

Which is the oldest sport of the following sports?

Track and Field-Apex

What event includes track and field activities?

Track And Field

When did track and field come to the Olympics?

track field came from a black man

Where did track and field get its name?

track and field got its name because when you run you on a track. the field part is because you compete in the other competions on a field a grassy area.

What is track and field all about?

Track and Field, In which track is the sports played on the field. In track and field involves various activities like jumping, running, throwing and many more according some interval of distance.

What is track and field how it is?

It is an athletic events that take place on a running track and a nearby field; track events and field events. Track and field is a sport comprising various competitive athletic contests based on running, jumping, and throwing.

What do you call a person who does track and field?

How do u call a person who practice track and field

What is the origin of track and field?

Track and field started in 776BC in Greece.

Is chess a track and field game?

No, chess is not a track and field game.

Track and field measurements?

In track and field, measurements are done in meters.

What is track and field in French?

Track and field is called d'Athlétisme in French.

What year was track and field invented?

776 BC is when track and field was invented!

Track and field in the 2008 Olympics?

Yes there will be Track and Field in the 2008 Olympics.