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thear is none

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Q: What are the rules for race walking?
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When was Race Walking Association created?

Race Walking Association was created in 1907.

When was European Race Walking Cup created?

European Race Walking Cup was created in 1996.

When was IAAF World Race Walking Cup created?

IAAF World Race Walking Cup was created in 1961.

What is average time of men race walking?

The answer depends on how long the race is!

What race rules jamacia?


What are the rules for walking?

see front and walk

What is a weird Olympic event?

Race walking (a.k.a speed walking) is an olympic event. NO JOKE!

How does a chicken cross a race track?

by walking really fast

What are the three races that are started by standing up?

1: Walking Race 2: Cross Country Race 3: Relay race :) Hope I Helped

How many warnings do people get in race walking?

There are just three warnings

What are the rules for making you own warhammer 40k race?

There are no rules surround it, or stopping your from doing it. In tournaments, it wouldn't be legal, but so long as you give your race a decent background and agree on rules to use with an opponent it should be fine.

What race rules Latin America?

Hispanics of many races.