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Top 70 players and ties.

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Q: What are the rules for halfway cut british open golf?
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When did British Open Championship Golf happen?

British Open Championship Golf happened in 1997.

When was British Open Championship Golf created?

British Open Championship Golf was created on 1997-04-30.

Where is the British open golf held?

At Turnberry 2009.

What sport do you associate the open?

Golf. The Open Championship. (NOT The British Open, as it is called in the USA)

At which golf coarse did 2002 british open golf tuornoment take place?


Who was the British Open Golf Champion in 1996?

tom lehman

Who won the 2010 golf british open?

Louis Oosthuizen.

Who won the 2001 british open golf tournament?

David Duval

How many players have won the British Open golf championship?


Who won the British Open golf championship in 1955?


Where was Golf's British Open held in 2005?

st Andrews in Scotland

How many South Africans won the British open golf?