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Wear the same exact running attire as your teammates. Trust me this rule is more important than u think. The sectional champion in my area and his whole team was disqualified because he was wearing different colored shorts than the rest of his team. Good news for me because i was number 2 :P

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There are only a few rules in this sport, but all of them are very important. The first is just to stay on the course and not take any shortcuts or else that would be cheating and no one likes a cheater. The next one is the coach of the runner can not touch or give any assitance while he or she is in a race. These are the only important rules in XC. XCbadger44

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During a cross country race there really aren't any complex rules to follow. Although the trail lines are usually intended to be flexible, if a path curves around a boundary, do not cut around that boundary. Do not shout obscenities, or show bad sportsmanship, especially by intentionally hurting other runners with the spikes on your shoes (usually referred to as "spiking").

Only the first five runners of a team are counted in the scoring. They are assigned a certain number of points for their final rank in their race (i.e. a fifth place runner would take five points for his team), with each team vying for the lowest number of points. In the case of a tie, usually the winner is determined by which team's sixth place runner came in before the other.

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Probably if you take a wrong turn or obstruct another runner in a serious way (e.g. beat him/her up on trail).

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Q: What are the rules for cross-country?
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