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I would recommend visiting this website to learn the rules of Chess:

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Q: What are the rules for chess?
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Where can one find information about chess game rules?

Chess game rules can be found on Wikipedia, Chess Rules and Basics, Chess Variants, Chess For Kids, Rules for Chess, How To Play and Chess Guidelines.

What are the rules in chess?

Chess rules ~ see related link below .

What were the rules from chess during the Elizabethan era?

The rules for Chess in the Elizabethan Era are the same as the rules of today.

Where can you find the rules for the game of chess?

The rules of chess are available in the World Chess Federation website (See related links)

What are all the rules of chess?

You can learn all the rules to the game of chess by looking to the related link below .

Is chess titans the same as chess?

Not really, according to the rules of chess, you can't castle out of check, therefore, the computer can

How is chess played?

Below are several links to the rules to how to play Chess with tutorials .

What are the chess regulations?

Look to the informative and related link below for the rules to chess .

Can you surrender a pond in chess?

You can sacrifice a pawn but the rules do not allow for a player to surrender a pawn . The pawn must be captured in accordance to the rules of chess .

What are the basic chess rules on the website Chess Teacher?

The basic chess rules on the Chess Teacher website begin for those who already know how the chess pieces move. It is explained on here where each chess piece must be placed to start the game. A refresher on which player starts first and what 'moves' are permitted on the board can also be found on this page.

What is the perimeter of a standard chess board?

See the relevant link below on the rules for chess equipment as established by the World Chess Federation (FIDE : Federation Internationale des Echecs) .

What are chess pieces and what can they do?

See the related link below to the rules of chess and how the chessmen move .

Who wrote the rules of chess?

The Indians.

What is the setup for chess and how do you play it?

You can learn the rules of chess and how to play the game at the related link below which has a number of tutorials on how to play chess .

Can people copy you in chess?

Yes , there are no rules in the game of chess prohibiting the duplication of a move by an opponent .

What is the difference between Chinese Chess and International Chess?

Chinese chess has different rules and characters and the board is different. It has triangles and squares and different pieces compared to International Chess.

How does Waverly translate these rules into strategies for winning at chess?

Waverly is told not to question the rules just figure it out on her own. Waverly uses the rules to make her own chess strategy.On a superficial level Waverly learns the rules of chess; however she really learns the secret to a happy life. Waverly & her mom struggle for control; and Waverly learns self-control.

Can you put your own king in check in chess?

No , the rules of chess do not allow for placing one's king in check ~ look to the related link below to the rules regarding check .

What are limits in chess?

The limits in the game of chess are: the rules of the game, the four edges of the chessboard, and your mental capacity.

Can the knight in chess move one space?

No , the Knight must move the spaces required by the rules of chess .

What is Chess Variant?

Chess variant is a game derived from chess. So it is quite similar to chess. Most people would probably play normal chess rather than chess variant. The difference between chess and chess variant are: Similar but different rules. Different board. Similar but different pieces.

What is Japanese chess?

The Japanese variant of chess is called Shogi and is played on a different board with a different set of rules.

Can you move into check?

No , the rules of chess prohibits this move .

What are the regulations?

Look to the informative and related link below for the rules to Chess .

In chess if you get your king to the other end without any pawns do you get apiece back?

Learn the chess rules at this website.