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what are the rules for the swimming in the Olympics 2012 london

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There are too many to list in a response.

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Q: What are the rules for Paralympic swimming?
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What equipment are used in paralympic football?

what equipment needed for the football paralympic

How did Trischa Zorn become paralyzed?

Trischa Zorn isn't paralyzed. She has been blind since birth and competes in paralympic swimming. The Paralympic Games are for those with a physical disability.

What events are in the Paralympic?

In the paralympics there are sports like archery, athletics, cycling, swimming, basketball and badminton.

What are the rules of swimming?

there are rules it just depends on what event you are swimming

What are two of the varied games included in the Paralympic?

Cycling and swimming are two of the varied games included in the Paralympics.

What r the rules 4 swimming?

there's a whole ton of rules set up by usa swimming and also international rules

Which athletes take part in the paraolimpics?

Paralympic Archery,Paralympic Atheletics,Boccia,Paralympic Cycling-Road,Paralympic Cycling-Track.

Who was a paralympic athlete from South Africa?

Some of the 2012 paralympic athletes from South Africa are: Natalie du Toit (swimming) Hilton Langenhoven (track) Arnu Fourie (track) Oscar Pistorius (track) Teboho Mokgalagadi (track) Jonathan Ntutu (track) Samkelo Radebe (relay) Zandile Nhlapo (shot put) Kevin Paul (swimming)

What rules are the same for swimming and gymnastics?

i do not kown

What is the Rules and regulations for swimming?

You have to wear a bathing suit

Has London hosted paralympic games before?

No, London has not hosted the Paralympic Games before. The 2012 Paralympic Games will be the city's first.

Why are rules so important in swimming?

Rules are important in swimming because without rules you can risk your life, especially in this sport. As well as this, nothing can run smoothly without rules. So rules are an important part of the game. There is always a betterment in rules. Of course, somebody experienced must have made them, so there is no point in not following them.