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you cant kick the ball you have to do it witha clean serve andd more lol

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Q: What are the rules and regulations of volleyball game?
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What are the new rules and regulations in volleyball?

There are several new rules and additions to the sport. For a more detailed version, visit the FIVB website for the rules of Volleyball in the "Related Links" section (Federation Internationale De Volleyball)

Basic Rules and Regulations in Volleyball?

don't go past the surving line.

What are the rules and regulations of volleyball?

Rules and Regulations of Volleyball =) 1. Don't touch the net 2. Don't catch the ball 3. Don't go under the net 4. Follow the boundries (in and out) 5. Don't lose!

Why is it important to play by the rules and regulations of volleyball?

Because nobody likes playing with cheaters.

On which website can you find information about volleyball?

i really don't know but use any search engine and put "rules and regulations of volleyball"

Why is it important to play the rules and regulations of volleyball?

It's important to play volley ball right because if you didn't the whole game would be thown out of wak

What are the rules and regulations in volley ball?

the rules for volleyball is that you cant step on the red line.You can hit the top of the net. You cant catch it and then hit it.

How does a game of volleyball won?

A volleyball game is ended when the needed number of points is achieved. (Typically 25,25,15) In tournament regulations, a third game is not played if the first two are won. I hope this helps(:

What are the rules and regulations in playing Rugby?

Because of the amount of regulations involved in game it will be advantages to look at the IRB site as it keep all rules and regulations updated

What are the general rules of volleyball?


What are the rules and regulations of the game sipa?

You can look at the rules and guidelines to find out how to play this game. Many online gaming forums can help you out as well.

What are the rules regulations and scoring systems in football?

The rules and regulations are overseen by FIFA and the International Football Association Board, and are collectively known as Laws of the Game. The related link lists the rules and expands on each.