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Rugby is one of the few sports where over celebration is scorned by officials and players alike. The basics are score a try - get a kick in as the clock is ticking.

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Q: What are the rugby traditions after scoring?
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What is the highest scoring Rugby League draw?


Who is leading the try scoring for the rugby league this year?

Taniela Tuiaki

What is the highest ever scoring rugby league game?

86 Lebanon - Italy 0

What is a try?

A try in rugby refers to the act of touching the ball down behind the opposing goal line, scoring points and entitling the scoring side to a goal kick.

What was the highest scoring rugby game?

Highest scoring international game was October 27th, 1994. Hong Kong 164 - 13 Singapore. Total 177 points.

What are the different ways of scoring in rugby?

A try, a penalty try, a conversion, a drop goal and a penalty goal.

What positions usally scores a goal in rugby?

Normally the backs are honoured with the scoring whilst the forwards do "the hard yards"

Who is the highest scoring international rugby union player?

Johnny Wilkinson (England) with 1152.

What are the 2 ways that can be scored in rugby?

There are three point systems in rugby, but two ways of scoring in rugby. The first one is to score a try by placing the ball down in the scoring zone, you need to place pressure to be able for it to count, i.e you cannot drop the ball over it. The other way of scoring is by penalty or drop kicking the ball though the posts. After the try if you convert (by kicking the ball through the posts you get an extra two points. Try=5 points Conversion=2 points (try must be scored) Penalty or drop kick=3 points

What is the scoring system in rugby in 2011?

2 points for; A conversion 3 points for; Penalties and drop goals 5 points for; An unconverted try

What has been taken after a try is scored rugby?

The scoring team is then to attempt a conversion. This is kicking the ball over the cross bar of the opposing team.

How many times did Colin Meads play rugby fro New Zealand?

55 times scoring 65 points between 1957-1971