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It may get jammed up as it is designed to work on HPA.

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Q: What are the results of using CO2 with a Dangerous Power E1?
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Does dangerous power g4 need co2 or air?

just air

What tanks does the dangerous power g4 use?

Yes, it will not work with CO2.

Does the dangerous power E1 use compressed air?

Yes, co2 is not recomended.

Will the dangerous power g3 paintball marker accept compressed air?

Yes! in fact, it will not work on CO2 at all.

Is hydro power cleaner than fossil fuels?

Yes. Hydro power has no dangerous, global-warming-causing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2).

How much CO2 is produced by solar power?

That would depend entirely on how the solar power is harnessed, but using the common methods: none.

Can a dangerous power paintball marker play with CO2 instead of HPA?

No, All DP markers only run on High Pressure Air.

Can i shoot a co2 bb gun revolver with no co2?

No it won't fire, Co2 is the power source that power the gun.

What is CO2 in lab results?

Carbon Dioxide

Why do you say that CO2 gas when inhaled is dangerous but bottled drink which have CO2 gas?

it is because inhaled CO2 comes in direct contact with our lungs,which spread gases throughout the body cells, if CO2 enters in cells,it reacts with haemoglobin which forms carbaminohaemoglobin, and it's dangerous for health. This is not the matter when we drink soda mixed with CO2.

What are the safety requirements when using a CO2 Airsoft gun?

Some safety requirements when using a CO2 Airsoft gun include making sure that all parts are screwed on tightly and to aim away from any other person's face. As CO2 guns usually produce more power than a BB gun, it is important not to blind someone using the gun.

Why is CO2 dangerous?

Carbon dioxide is not toxic but is also not breathable.