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he is the one who keeps the score ha ha ha ha foold u i dont really know

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Q: What are the responsibilities of the line judge in basketball?
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What are basketball officials responsibilities before a game?

coming to the basketball venue!!

Duties and responsibilities of line cook?

Duties and responsibilities of line cook?

What are some responsibilities of a judge?

Some responsibilities of a judge are to protect and to defend the Law. And they must always follow justice and who sounds honest.

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The base line in basketball is the out of bounds line!

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The responsibilities of line judges depend on the sport in question.

What is the duty of a line judge in volleyball?

Line judges stand on the corner of the court and watch the ball. If the ball lands close to the end line or the side line that the line judge is supposed to be watching, the ref looks to the line judge to call the ball inside or outside of the court. If the ball is in, the line judge puts their hands down, and if it is out, they put their arms up in the air. The line judge also looks to see if the team touches the ball on the block, or in the backrow, before the ball goes out. For example, if there was a ball that was hit and the blockers on the side of the line judge touch the ball before it lands out of bounds, the line judge puts one hand up and the other hand on top of it, kind of like a time out in basketball.

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