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There are no formal requirements to be an NBA recruiter, but they often have unique qualifications. Recruiters are often former players or coaches with a talent for recognizing greatness.

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Q: What are the requirement to be a NBA recruiter?
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How tall you have to be in the NBA?

There is no age requirement

What is the maximum age requirement for playing basketball in the NBA?

There is none.

How tall do you have to be to play in the NBA?

The NBA has no height requirement, most are between 6.5 to 7.0 foot the average is 6.7

Is there a type of degree needed to be a NBA player?

No. The only requirement for NBA play is that you be at least 19 years old. After that, there are no requirements.

Can you get to the NBA from eighth grade?

Since the NBA has an age requirement of 18 years old, unless you are 18 and in the 8th grade, the answer is no.

What is the minimum height required to join NBA?

There's no minimum height requirement.

Can you be less than 6 feet and still be in the NBA?

There is no minimum height requirement.

What is a sentence with the word recruiter?

The army recruiter is in town.He was the largest recruiter in the country.

What is the possessive form of recruiter?

The possessive form of the noun recruiter is recruiter's.Example: There's a recruiter's office on campus.

What are the qualities of a recruiter?

== == Depends on what type of recruiter: a military recruiter, a sports recruiter, a job recruiter? There are some basics. Some are, a recruiter tries to find candidates to fill a particular position, be it jobs, sports, or military. There qualities vary from being nice to being persuasive.

What are the responsibilities of HR recruiter?

what are the duties and responsibilities of HR recruiter.

What kind of educational requirement for NBA?

At the moment, players can no longer be draft right out of high school. They need to complete at least 1 year of college to be eligible to join the NBA.

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