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ESPN's Sunday Night Football - 1987 New England Patriots vs. Oakland Raiders - 16.11 was released on:

USA: 17 November 2002

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โˆ™ 2014-06-30 10:25:02
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Q: What are the release dates for ESPN's Sunday Night Football - 1987 New England Patriots vs. Oakland Raiders - 16.11?
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When was the last time the Oakland Raiders beat the New England Patriots?


What was the score Raiders vs patriots in 1976?

The score of the Patriots/Raiders Division Championship Game, 12/18/76 was: Oakland Raiders 24 New England Patriots 21

Have the Patriots played the Raiders in a Super Bowl?

The New England Patriots have never played the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders in the Super Bowl.

What team do the chargers hate?

The Denver Broncos...The New England Patriots...The Oakland Raiders

Will the Oakland Raiders beat the New England Patriots?

No. Organizationally the Raiders are hopelessly outclassed by most teams. The Patriots are a cutting-edge organization, while the Raiders are stuck in outdated ways.

Which two teams were involved in the 'tuck rule' game in the snow?

New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders

Which team did Jim Plunkett play for?

The Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, and the New England Patriots.

Who did randy moss play for?

He played for the Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots and the Tennessee Titans

Win loss record of Oakland Raiders vs New England Patriots?

The New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders have met head to head 29 times in the regular season. The Patriots vs Raiders head to head record is 14-14-1.In addition to the regular season, the Patriots and Raiders have also faced each other in the playoffs three times, the first being in 1976 season and the second time in 1985 and the third in the 2001 season. The Patriots are 2-1 against the Raiders in post season play.

How did the raiders lose the American football conference championship to the New England Patriots?

because payton jumped them on the but

Did randy moss play for the eagles?

No. He started his career on the Minnesota Vikings, then went to the Oakland Raiders, and finally New England Patriots.

What kind of team is the Oakland Raiders?

The Oakland Raiders are a professional American Football team in Oakland, California founded in 1960. For only the first ten seasons of their team the Raiders then belonged to the American Football League.

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