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They love tailgating.

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Q: What are the psychographics of NASCAR fans?
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Who has more fans Indy or NASCAR?


How do you excape angry NASCAR fans?

By running right.

Who is NASCAR's client selection?

you! the fans are the client selection/ the target market. go out there and be a client! race nascar!

Who does the flyovers for the NASCAR races?

The military. All Nascar fans are big supporters of the Military,and we love the Flyovers

Which NASCAR driver is Mormon?

A Google search suggests there are plenty of Mormon Nascar fans, but at the present time no drivers.

What gets the most viewers NASCAR or football?

If you count television, fans in the stands, and those in the infield: NASCAR HANDS DOWN!!

Will NASCAR fans watch football?

NASCAR fans will watch football. Though races may interfere with football because of the time of the race and game, fans can watch both sports. It's possible to like more than one sport.

What is the Psychographics?


What is the purpose of car sponsorships in NASCAR?

The purpose of car sponsorships in NASCAR is to gain more attraction and fans. In addition, the purpose of car sponsorships in NASCAR is to gain more support for race car sports.

What is NASCAR made up of?

Its made up of drivers, teams, cars, fans, and sponsers.

Who is the best in NASCAR?

Well the more the fans cheer the driver the better they do. Dale Jr does good because the fans love him. It is a key to do better.

Is Nascar more popular than football?

Yes it is. Heck, no! * The amount of fans for NASCAR are about the same for pro football. Not exactly.. Nascar has more fans than football, seeing how the people in other countries who are football fans are actually "soccer fans"