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Buckle grips are probably the way to go. Velcro grips eventually lose their stickiness, and you have to wrap a rubber band around the strap to keep your grip on.

Pros- Velcro

-Easier to put on

-Long velcro strip, if wrists get bigger velcro still fits (not taking into account increased size of hand and length, etc.)

Cons- Velcro

-Loses stick eventually

-Loosens with turns on the apparatus and must be re-tightened constantly (after every turn or so, depends on how they feel)

-Velcro will occasionally come undone while performing a skill

Pros- Buckles

-Keep tight entire time while on the apparatus

-Will not become undone

Cons- Buckles

-More difficult and time-consuming to put on-- in extreme circumstances could involve the help of other people

-If growth in the wrists occur, buckle grips will run out of holes to put the buckle through, and either more holes will have to be drilled or a new, larger pair will have to be ordered

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I would recommend velcro. They are move comfortable and cheeper. They are also easier to get on and off.

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Q: What are the pros and cons of velcro and buckle grips for uneven bars in gymnastics?
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