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All the postitions on the softball field are: Pitcher, Catcher, 1st Base, 2nd Base, 3rd Base, Center Field, Right Field, and Left Field


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Q: What are the positions of all the players on the US softball team?
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What is the most players you can have on a softball team?

9 people on the field.........but unlimited all together

How is the US team diffenet form collage softball?

The United States softball team is made up of players from all around the United States. They can pull form anywhere as long as their players have United States citizenship. College players can only be from the certain schools that the team is run out of.

What does all conference mean in softball?

Like if you make all conference team, you are one of the best players in your whole conference. It's like they make a single team out of all the players in a conference

Why so many players on a football team?

to fill all of the positions and have extra for injuries

What is the maxium of people that can be on a softball team?

There is not normally a limit to players on the bench as long as there are 9 players on the field. if you wanted all your players to bat you could DH or DP.

How many players are there in a softball team?

All you need is 9 in the out feild but incase of injury or a missing person the team normally has about ten or twelve.

What continents play softball?

none all the softball players died

How can team sports like softball build relationships among players?

All the team members play together and take care of each other.

What are the five skills needed to play a softball game?

The basics skills would be catching, throwing, batting, base running, and pitching. These skills not necessary pitching should be mastered and perfected by all softball players.If all players are good with all these skills a team will be successful during games.

What are all the names of the players positions in a volleyball game?

yeah that is basicly it but the libro switchs with the center after the team looses the serve

What does it mean to have all conference in high school softball?

It means the coaches in your conference believe if they were to select a team of only the best players from their conference then you would be one.

Do female softball players have strong arms?

most all of them yes

Do softball players travel around the world?

yes all the time

What is the best softball team?

ARIZONA. all the way

How many player are in a high school softball team?

The amount of players all depends on your high school. The amount of players playing is 9 but their is usually players on the bench. If you want an exact number 11-13 is usually the amount most teams have.

What is the local softball league?

A local Softball league would be found in your town's little league. it would contain 4-10 teams with at least 12 players on every team . At almost the end of the season they would notify players that they have made the all-star team . All-star teasms contain the best of the best in that season. they would travel the county to play other softball teams. After that they would play in sectionals, regionals,semi state and state . Good luck!

Who is the best player on gold bay packers?

there are no bes players. the packers have good players all around, in different positions. However, the team leader is aaron rodgers. most people can assume that

Is their profesional softball?

Yes all over the place the best team you can get on is team usa

In fast-pitch games of softball which players wear helmets?

All batters

What was the name of the team that won the Stanley cup that all players were from Canada?

There has never been a team that had all Canadian players on one team.

What is the purpose of having soccer positions?

The purpose in having soccer positions is so that everyone on the team is organized and so that the team has the best players in their appropriate position in order to succeed. You wouldn't have a striker play goalie and you wouldn't have a defender play striker. Different people are good at different positions and although many soccer players are well rounded, a player is usually better at a specific position than all of them.

If team A have all players from city B and team B have all players from city A and team A wins which supporters should do the celebrating?

city b

How many players on a volleyball team in all?

You can have up to 6 players on a court , but 15 in all for a team

How many players on a team and what positions in basketball?

In a regular game you must have 5 players on a team! the positions are 1 is point guard, 2 is a strong forward, 3 is another strong forward and may throw in the basketball. 4 is a center and 5 is a strong post player! By rule, there is nothing that any one of these positions can do that the others cannot. But they all have traditional "roles" which they usually adhere to. Welcome!

Why do all pro softball players shake the bat before they swing?

To intimidate or distract the pitcher