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Pitcher, Catcher, First base, Second base, Shortstop, Third base, Right Field, Center Field and Left Field.

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Q: What are the position of players in softball?
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What do softball players do?

softball players are girls, there are nine postions! depends on your position to tell what you do? then offence hits three strikes your out! four balls you get first base and can steal second if your smart and do it right IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT SOFTBALL PLAYERS DO THEN YOUR WEIRD. NOT SMART!!!!!! okay then, BYE!!!

How many players are needed in a softball field at a time?

9 players are required to start a softball game. That would be one fielder playing every position. Also there needs to be an opposing team to bat against the defense.

How many players are there in softball?

In the sport of softball, there is to be nine players on the field at once on defense. Who doesnt no that?

How much does a softball player get paid a year?

The average salary of a Professional Softball player is around $6,000 per season. However, just as in baseball, it depends on the players talent and position.

How many softball players are there in the world?

The number of softball players in the world is estimated to 40 million. Of the 40 million, it is estimated that about 30 million Americans play softball.

What continents play softball?

none all the softball players died

Who are the players in softball?

Well there are many players in softball but my favorite type is the Hailey Horton this position sits on the bench and mostly eats pudding and screams "YOLO" because she has no friends. Her main role is to eat the old sunflower shells off of the ground because she comes from a omniverous breed.

How many players are on a softball field at once?

nine players

How many player on the field in softball?

There are nine players at a time on the field for fastpitch softball and ten for slow pitch softball

How many girls softball players on a field?

9 players on the field.

How many players are fielding when playing Softball?

9 players are fielding

What is the ratio of lesbian softball players to volleyball players?


What does EH mean in Softball?

EH in softball stands for EveryoneHits. you EverybodyHits. something like that. it is used when you batting the whole team, and in the place where you would right the benching players position in the batting line up, you write, EH.

Who are the most famous softball players in the history of softball?

The most famous softball players in the history of softball are Michele Smith, Jennie Finch, Lisa Fernandez, Jennie Finch, Cat Osterman, Dot Richardson, Crystl Bustos and Joan Joyce.

Should you play an instrument or play softball?

It's really your choice, but there are more still-proficient piano players at 70 than softball players.

What softball position is C?

Position C is the catcher's position. They stay behind home plate. Usually they are the toughest and one of the players having a big knowledge of softball. They help lead the team by calling plays, picking base runners off, and by calling pitches for the pitcher to throw. The catcher is one of the most important people on the field.

Why do you need a gill in softball?

you dont. i play softball and i have no clue what a gill is. far as my knowledge, fish need gills, not softball players.

Number of players on a softball team?

there are 9 players unless u have subs

How many players are there on the field at one time for a team in softball?

9 players

How many players can play softball?

In most leagues, it's 9 players

What is the salary for softball players?

50,000 to 100,000

What is a sport that has 9 players on the field?


Do the softball players pitch underhanded?


How many players on a roster in softball?


What do softball players eat?

bearded clams