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The pins the Fox sportscasters wear for the Super Bowl are pins for St Jude's Children's Hospital.

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Q: What are the pins the Fox sportscasters are wearing for the Super Bowl?
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What pins are the super bowl 45 commentators wearing on their lapels?

St. Jude's children's hospital

Why do the Fox college sportscasters wear blue lapel pins?

Supporting Male Breast Cancer awareness

Did the Patriots distribute diamond Super Bowl pendants?

The New England Patriots did send (faux) diamond pins to Season Ticket Holders after Super Bowl XXXVI. I know this because I received one.

What are the pins worn by the fox nfl sportscasters on 1-2-11?

They're for St. Jude's (; the two entities have a regular partnership.

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How much is a Cowboy's back to back Super Bowl pin worth?

Dallas Cowboy pins like that sell in the $4 to $10 range.

What do the pins the announcers are wearing on October 19 2014 NFL mean?

There is not a listed meaning for the pins the announcers are wearing today October 19, 2014. The pins usually represent a charity.

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No tin pins, ten in ten pin

What are the on the lapel pins the FOX NFL sportscasters are wearing?

Beginning in 2008, FOX began an initiative called FOX Sports Supports, in which the sporting events pair with individual charities to raise awareness. Following are the various sports on FOX and the charities with which they are linked: Major League Baseball on FOX - Make-A-Wish Foundation NFL on FOX - The Children's Health Fund NASCAR on FOX - Autism Speaks Bowl Championship Series on FOX - Alzheimer's Association

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