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the other teams ball or a free shot or pass with you standing beside

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Q: What are the penalties for breaking the rules in Netball?
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What are the penalties for breaking the 3 second rule in netball?

Free pass to the non-offending team.

What are the penalties in netball?

The penalties in netball are contact and obstruction, intimidation also comes under the category of these two penalties.

What are the penalties of the infringements in netball?

the penalties in net of moving or steppiing, offside, over a thirdand contact

What are the names of the penalties in netball?

some of the penelties are:obstrucionshort passstepdragcontact

What are the 3 main rules of netball?

the three main rules in netball are; stepping, contact and obstruction

Can a student with A plus blood be expelled from school if they behave badly and break the school rules?

Yes. The penalties for breaking the rules at school do not depend on a person's blood type.

What are the penalties for breaking the rules in basketball?

If you break a rule in basketball, such as foul or double-dribble, the defending team takes the ball out-of-bounds, meaning it's their ball.

What is the maximum vertical height for a netball player?

There are no rules against maximum or minimum heights in netball.

What are the major developments of netball?

There have been several changes in netball, including the rules and where the game was played.

What are 5 netball rules and what happens when they are broken?

you will die

What is the penalties for breaking copyright law?

In the US, there are statutory penalties for copyright infringement, ranging from $750 to $30,000.

For Netball are different rules used in different countries?

no same rules in all countries

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