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Q: What are the pantone colors for the Montreal Canadiens logo?
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What are the pantone colors for the caterpillar logo?

Yellow 123 c pantone black c

What pantone colors are the Detroit red wings logo?

what is the detroit red wings pantone color

What is the PMS color for the Montreal Canadiens logo?

blue,red and white

What is the correct pantone grey for BMW logo?

I found on a website the pantone colors BMW uses for its logo. I'm not sure if it's true, but here's the closest thing I've found. Pantone Cool Grey 10 Other colors are: Pantone 293 (blue), black, Pantone 877 (silver)

What are correct RAL codes for shell logo?

The colors are red (Pantone 485) and yellow (Pantone 116).

What are the Pantone colors or Matthews Paint colors for Dairy Queen Logo?

The Dairy Queen corporate web site should have information on how to find specifications for the reproduction of their logo.

What does the h and the c in the Montreal Canadian's logo stand for?

H = Habitants (their first name) and C = Canadiens (Canadians in French)

What are the pantone colors for the Toyota logo?

From the Toyota Dealer website. (I'm a website designer & Developer.) TOYOTA Pantone PMS485 RGB 216-30-5 HEX #D81E05

What are the pantone colors for the Canada Flag?

Most corporations and entities with logos keep that information secret. If one is authorized to reproduce the image, logo etc. a specification sheet is provided that includes pantone colors used. Usually a designer can download the logo and spec's from a web site maintained by the company, the client should have that information. The second option is to look at the piece to be reproduced along with a Pantone swatch book and match the colors by eye. - - - - - The Yukon is a governmental entity. Most governments tell you what colors to use; the Yukon doesn't do that, so I would try these colors to start: Red: Pantone 185 Blue: Pantone 289 Gold: Pantone 130 Black: you can use Pantone Black, or just 100 percent process black because they're the same thing.

What does the c and h stand for in Montreal Canadiens?

The distinctive C-wrapped-around-H logo stands for "Club de Hockey Canadien."

What are the pantone colours for the DHL logo?

The DHL logo was introduced on 25 March 2003. It was designed in 2002 by Nitsch Design. The colours are yellow (Pantone 116) and red (Pantone 200). DHL uses the typefaces Frutiger and Minion.

What is the correct Pantone color in the prudential logo?

get a rag!