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The ReferenceUSA business directory actually lists the following. Some may be suppliers instead of playing facilities, though. "Chicagoland" is also rather broadly interpreted: Chicago Land Paintball

537 W 195th St

Glenwood IL 60425

(708) 756-1166

Fox Paintball

1891 N Farnsworth Ave

Aurora IL 60505

(630) 585-5651

Hunter Paintball

4410 Highway 176

Crystal Lake IL 60014

(815) 455-5455 Operation Paintball

661 S 8th St

West Dundee IL 60118

(847) 426-1041

Paintball Explosion

4866 Dempster St

Skokie IL 60077

(847) 674-0678

Paintball Explosion

5006 Warren St Skokie IL 60077

(847) 674-0678

Paintball Explosion Inc

Monee IL 60449

(708) 271-7461 Paintball Gear Com

500 Thorndale Ave # F

Wood Dale IL 60191

(847) 437-5519 Patriot Paintball

1208 N Riverside Dr

Mchenry IL 60050

(815) 385-8520 Perfect Circle Paintball

830 Seton Ct # 9

Wheeling IL 60090

(847) 367-8960 Realms Of Ruin Paintball Park

15530 Donegal Dr

Manhattan IL 60442

(815) 478-3500 Realms Of Ruin Paintball Park

19733 Bauer Rd Wilmington IL 60481

(815) 458-0800 Woodsball & Paintball Supply

802 Thunderbird Trl

Carol Stream IL 60188

(630) 740-1419 Fun Time Square Paintball 121th and Cicero ave.


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There are a total of 50+ fields in Illinois. This should give you numerous picks for feilds. Personally, i recommend the fields that Aftershock plays at, Badlandz.

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Q: What are the paintball fields near the Chicago area?
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Where do you sign up for paintball?

If you google paintball fields near your location, it should give a list of near by fields. ( you have to be over 13 to play is most fields, though sometimes they say 16 even 18!!)

Is there a paintball arena near buffalo new york?

There are over 74 paintball fields in New York. Some close ones would be Coopers Cave, Crazy Paint, and GRC paintball. For a full directory of paintball fields try going to

How many paintball fields are there?

there're thousand's of them all over you should just google, "paintball feilds near (were you live)."

Where are paintball fields?

There are paintball fields all over the world, and most likely one near you. Many resorts or outdoor recreational areas will have paintball, but you could also just ask around, or look it up in a phone book.

Where are childrens paintball wars held?

Depends on how old the child is, bearing in mind the minimum age by law is 13. But some paintball fields can set ages up to 18. But that is uncommon. Google paintball fields near your location to find the sites. If your child or children are over 13 you should be fine. :)

How much is paintball games per day?

I'm not positive about Paintball Sportsland in particular but at most fields it costs about $25 for all your gear (mask, marker, hopper, & air supply) for all day. Then you have to buy paint which is usually anywhere between $45-$70 per case (2000 rounds) or $15-$20 per bag (500 rounds). Hope this helps.

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Do paintball guns have a recoil?

yes, paintball guns do have recoil, but no where near a real gun.

Is it illegal to shoot a paintball gun in nebraska in your backyard?

It all depends on your area. If you live back in a heavily wooded area not near the public then it is perfectly fine. However in urban area it is illegal.

Where to go paintballing?

Just type in paintball to any search engine, and find a paintball field near you.

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